Founded in 1978, Infar Industrial Co., Ltd. is a self-integrated manufacturer with 350 people in Taiwan, and is capable of producing 25 million pieces of wrenches per year.
                      In 1993, Kunshan Infar was built with the maximum output of 45 million pieces of traditional wrenches per year.
                      In 2004, another plant was set up in Taiwan to facilitate the production of sockets, ratchet handles, and tool sets. The complete range of products ensures that our customers can always find the right products to meet their various demands

                      Certificates –

                      ISO 9001 and VPA GS

                      Product lines –

                      Our product lines include all types of traditional wrenches, 72 teeth Geartech® wrench series, 144 tips Geartech® wrench series, ratchets handles, sockets, adapters, and tool sets.

                      Research and Development –

                      Our 20 R&D staffs have an averaged of ten years experiences in product, packaging and mould designs, graphic drawing, and new product inventions.

                      Quality Assurance and technical support –

                      There are 30 well trained Q.C. staffs at Infar. They study and analyze the compositions of the incoming raw materials. Hardness and torque testing machines are utilized throughout the manufacturing processes to ensure the compliance of ANSI, DIN, VPA GS, or ISO standards. Seven inspection stands are located at the end of every production process to inspect and control the product quality. The quality stability of Infar made products is second to none!

                      Service and Support –

                      Existing samples are available by courier in five days. Orders are accepted via e-mail or fax. Payments by L/C or T/T are accepted. We also provide insurance, shipping control, quality inspection, and documentary services.

                      OEM and ODM customers are highly welcome for business partnership.

                      Guarantees –

                      In order to ensure after-sale service of our products, we offer life-time guarantee on our products.


                      BETTER BEST BETTER

                      We Do Wrenches

                      Includes:Combination Wrenches
                      Double Open Wrenches
                      Double Box Wrenches
                      Flare Nut Wrenches

                      We Do 72T Wrenches

                      Includes:One Way Geartech® Wrenches
                      Flex Head Geartech® Wrenches
                      Reversible Geartech® Wrenches

                      We Do Socket

                      Includes:1/4" Drive Sockets
                      3/8" Drive Sockets
                      1/2" Drive Sockets

                      We Do Ratchet Handles

                      Includes:Mini Head Ratchet Handles
                      Flex Head Ratchet Handles

                      We Do Socket Sets


                      We Do 144TIP Wrenches

                      Includes:One Way Geartech® Wrenches
                      Flex Head Geartech®Wrenches